Running 'License Wizard' on Windows 7 or 2008 Server



A currently undocumented step where a Matrikon software product has been installed on any Windows 7 or 2008 Server platform and the 'License Wizard' will be run.


Operating System: Any Windows 7 or 2008 Server platform

Application: Any Matrikon installed software product where 'License Wizard' is present in the program group. (License Wizard is used if you have received an activation code and lock selector.)  This does not apply to the 'MatrikonOPC Licensing Utility' , a legacy licensing application.


If the License Wizard is NOT started with the 'Run As Administrator', a high probability exists that the applied key will be faulty(not permanently applied). No error message is returned during licensing.  The 'Check License' button returns a permanent license. 


  • To launch the License Wizard, right click and select 'Run As Administrator' (Start  -> All Programs  -> MatrikonOPC  -> <Product Folder>  -> License Wizard). 



Confirm License

You may confirm your software license has been permanently licensed by checking the following log file:  (where <productname> is the name of your installed software license.)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MatrikonOPC\Common\PSTCFGMatrikon.OPC.<productname>.1.LOG

Within this log file find the following text, where [Product  Feature] is the product and feature installed and line ends "Permanent License".

CLicensingWrapper::LicensedFeature::LogState License status for the feature [Product Feature] is [licensed/Software key] Permanent License

If *Permanent license" is not found, the  product will stop functioning after the grace period indicated.

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