MatrikonOPC Licensing Procedure Overview


Currently two software based licensing applications exist for use with MatrikonOPC products.  Each MatrikonOPC product release is installed with one of these applications and can be found in the installed product's program group accessed from the Windows Start button.

License Wizard (new from 2009)

This process is fully automated and requires an Activiation Code and Lock Selector as provided by ITIS.  Most new major version releases of MatrikonOPC products use the License Wizard application.  This procedure requires the use of an internet site. An internet connection is NOT required on the machine you will license product in which case you will be prompted to save a "summary.txt" file.  This can be forwarded to A "license.mtkl" file will be returned which is requested by the License Wizard.

Always start License Wizard shortcut found in the product group of the Matrikon product you will license via the Start button. 

For installs on Windows 7 or 2008/R2, always start License Wizard by right clicking the shortcut and selecting "Run as administrator"



MatrikonOPC Licensing Utility (legacy)

This process requires the use of a Transaction number (5 digits) provided by ITIS and an AuthorizeRequest.mtk file generated during installation of a MatrikonOPC product. The AuthorizeRequest.mtk file and transaction number should be sent to and under normal circumstances, an Authorize.mtk file is returned to the e-mail sender by the next business day. 

 MatrikonOPC Licensing Utility.PNG


Full software licensing details can be found in the licensing document available following software product installation OR from the download link received in your order.  

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