Using MatrikonOPC Analyzer to gather files for troubleshooting and backup


MatrikonOPC Analyzer

The MatrikonOPC™ Analyzer is a free tool which gathers information such as DCOM settings, DEP settings, operating system version and MatrikonOPC product log files. The gathered/copied files are packed into a single .zip file for further distribution or backup purposes.  In the event of product instability or error issues, this .zip file will be requested by ITIS for investigation purposes.

If you have installed a recent MatrikonOPC product it is likely Analyzer is already installed.
see Start -> Programs -> MatrikonOPC -> Analyzer -> MatrikonOPC Analyzer

If not installed, see link at bottom of page for download of the Analyzer installation package.

Using Analyzer

To start the application go to, Start -> Programs -> MatrikonOPC -> Analyzer and click MatrikonOPC Analyzer

The checkboxes for gathering information are marked by default and include: System Information, Log Files, Configuration Files and DCOM.   The last checkbox, Zip Output Files, creates a .zip file in the default path:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\MatrikonOPC\Common\OPCAnalyzer Logs.  To change this path, mark the Change Directory Output Path and click […] to assign the new path.


Click the Run button to start Analyzer processing.

A folder and optional .zip file is created with syntax YYYY-MM-DD-HH.MM.SS-COMPUTERNAME. All gathered files can now be found here.


Download package 4.1mb
MatrikonOPC Analyzer.exe
Version (.zip below)

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