Set MatrikonOPC Server Log level


If you are experiencing issues with an MatrikonOPC Server product, you may be requested to increase the log level. In general, High log level should only be set for the time needed to capture the error event as this can have a negative effect on performance, i.e. hours versus days.

Steps to increase log level


On the server configuration GUI toolbar select View -> Options 

  1. Select the General Logging tab
  2. Mark Enable Activity Logging and select desired log level from the drop down dialog.
  3. Ensure that Commit all log file writes is marked, and that Overwrite old log information is de-selected and click OK.

To confirm log level setting, search the .LOG file for “Log level set to“.  The number following is the current log level 0(none), 1(low), 2(med), 3(high). If you do not see a change, it is necessary to restart the product's service.

The log file can be found here:
x86 OS - C:\Program Files\Common Files\MatrikonOPC\Common\PSTCFGMatrikon.OPC.<product>.1.LOG
x64 OS - C:\ Program Files (x86) " "

The file ending LOG.bak contains previous log data.

Under NORMAL OPERATION, set Activity Logging  to LOW or NONE and Commit all log file writes should be UNCHECKED.

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