Alarm Manager A&E R441.0 Released 2013-08-01


Added Support:

  • OS: Windows Server 2012 supports
    • A&E Collector, A&E Archiver
    • Database
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 x64
  • Web Client: Java 1.7

Resolved Issues:

  • Display issues on the Alarm Count Overtime Report related to axis labeling, max rows, and the chart.
  • Editing or updating an Archiver channel when no data is being processed results in the Archiver service being blocked attempting to shutdown the channel thread.
  • The Alarm Manager Viewer fails to respond when using malformed view files.
  • When importing a back up created by Database Backup Utility for Alarm Manager A&E 4.3.3 into to Alarm Manager A&E 4.4.0 can result in an infinite loop and CPU usage up to 100%.
  • When using the Alarm Manager A&E 4.4.0 Web Reports, an error occurs is a Plant name contains FC.
  • When the Sequence of Events is opened from the Most Frequent Alarms report, the content does not export to Excel properly.
  • Milliseconds are lost when exporting the Sequence of Events report to Excel.
  • If the Alarm Manager A&E Archiver service is restarted, in the Web Reports the duplicate filters do not retain the last duplicates in memory.
  • The Alarm Count Over Time report displays a “Stacked Column Chart Error” when priority is not used.
  • X-axis series labels in the Alarm Count Over Time report are misaligned.
  • The Database Backup Utility sometimes skips data on import when the export breaks the backup file into time interval segments.
  • In the Web Reports, when the Analyzer experiences an error if multiple requests are made for "complex" queries.
  • If the Archiver is using a disabled channel, the Archiver status bar displays the message "Failed to retrieve Archiver status".
  • When opening Standing Alarm At Moment or Standing Alarm Over Time reports without using any filters an error occurs.
  • The Print Button in the Web Reports does not work as intended.
  • In the Excel reports, on the Standing Alarms by Duration report, the Alarm Time column displays #NAME errors instead of the data.
  • When selecting a bar on the Alarm Count Over Time bar chart, the wrong time interval is displayed.
  • The Alarm Performance Overview report does not count alarm rate correctly.

Known Issues:

  1. On Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, the A&E Viewer does not display the real time messages. Workaround: Use the History View to view messages.
  2. On Windows Server 2008 R2, an error sometimes appears when attempting to open the A&E Archiver. Workaround: Locate the file Msvcr71.dll (likely found in the Windows folder) and copy it into the Windows\SysWow folder.
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